Reuse center Ostrava. New life to old things

When the city of Ostrava with OZO Ostrava s.r.o. launched the new Reuse Center, we couldn’t miss it. On the contrary, we used the great work of the city in the field of circular economy to organize useful workshops. We showed how to use old mesh banners OZO Ostrava and how to make glasses from old wine bottles. Sorting waste is definitely the right direction, but we believe that a lot of things that would otherwise end up in landfills can get a second chance. That is also why our workshops fit perfectly into the concept of the whole event.

But it wasn’t just about old materials. An important part of our work is also ECO Catering and pointing out the issue of food waste. Visitors were given the opportunity to enjoy our sustainable cuisine, where we use the food that Czechs and Europeans generally throw most often. The children could beat our cinnamon fries from the older bread. Thank you for a great event. We believe that the Reuse Center Ostrava will serve its citizens well.

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