Upcycled gift sets for Prestar

Many companies want to be original when choosing gift items. However, this effort often ends with the choice of a mug or pencil with the company logo from a unified catalog of promotional items. Prestar is not one of such companies. She showed that she also wants to think sustainably in the field of promotional items. Together with us, she has prepared wine gift sets for her partners, which they just don’t look at. We could, for example, breathe new life into old bottles in the form of up-cycled glasses.

We are happy with every new company that realizes in time that social responsibility is becoming an essential part of its DNA, modern marketing communication and PR. At the same time, we realize that the upcycling of materials for gift items will not save the world, but it is a sympathetic step that will please many and also inspire in a non-violent way. In addition, after these first steps, companies often set up processes that already have real impacts on the environment.

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