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Navzdory (Despite) – New beginnings of your CSR and marketing

About us defiant

We are a group of up-cycling enthusiasts who with their creativity resist to inefficiently treat waste. Always and everywhere. Not only in Ostrava, where we are based. We can create creative promotional items, workshops and art objects from your used materials. Whether it is old banners, prints, car belts, fire hoses, we can handle everything. And that’s just the beginning. Despite the non-functioning CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we deal with waste issues comprehensively.


What you get from working with us

  • Together we will help to leave the planet for our children in a state that we will not have to be ashamed of
  • We will give your unused materials a chance at a second life (promotional items, workshops, art objects etc.)
  • We will set up a project with a real impact on the  environment or non-profit sector
  • We will deliver new technologies for waste treatment
  • We will bring new positive PR topics for your marketing
  • We will distinguish you from rival companies
  • You can make your business more meaningful
What will we tell them in 10 years time
What we do

Functional CSR despite appealing greenwashing

Together we will work on your social responsibility (CSR) so that our planet remains habitable and above all everything will be real. We will show you how to use your materials with a real positive impact on the environment and your marketing. Choose from our available options. Or take it in style and let us work out a comprehensive solution.


Full marketing despite empty manipulative phrases

Show the world what you do for the future of our children and the nature. That it is not just attractive marketing tinsel, but honest work with real environmental impacts. The public, your business partners and customers will surely appreciate it. In addition, new topics and positive PR will refresh your communication.

Promotional items

Original ECO promotional items despite chinese trinkets

We can make original up-cycled promotional items from your used materials. Custom made – made to measure, hand-made and in the Czech Republic. You will definitely attract everyone’s attention.


Workshops – fun with a higher sense

How about organizing a workshop for the public, your customers or employees, where people have fun, and create something meaningful from your materials? They will shift not only in manual skills but above all in an environmentally responsible approach. We’ll show you how.

Waste Management
Artistic objects

Art objects – attractive and valuable

Can you imagine that your materials can turn into valuable pieces of art? You don’t believe? We will be happy to show you what they can be transformed into with the hands of our artisans. Let us surprise you.

Circular offices


ECO catering

A third of Czechs throw away food and admit that they throw away food that has not been used at all several times a month. They most often throw away bread (40%), followed by vegetables (22%), and fruit (18%). In NAVZDORY, we therefore decided not only to inform the company and the public about these matters, but also to inspire how to prepare such foods at home and not throw them away unnecessarily…


Gift sets



Do you like swings or shelves from old skates? Football boots, sports bags and seats from your banners? We will produce and install all this and much more for you anywhere and anytime :-).

Circulating shower

For Schools

By combining the imagination of children and our creativity, we create unique objects from waste collected at schools. Let’s teach children not to throw waste into one bag and to perceive it as a valuable material from which something significant can arise.

ZŠ Otická

Recycling, up-cyclisation, circulation, green energy … Look at our partners with whom we share a sustainable philosophy and view of the future.

Electricity on the green

Are you giving waste a second life? Take the next step towards sustainable business and join green electricity. You will help a clean future and support small Czech producers of this eco-friendly energy. This will please all your customers, for whom care for nature is important.


Are you a company that can engage your employees in the collection of old and unnecessary mobile phones? For company mobiles we provide confirmation of disposal of property and for mobile phones up to three years old it is possible to arrange their pricing and repurchase.
Finally, you will receive a certificate with specific benefits and savings you made for the environment.


To work on a bike

Going to work by bike is an annual challenge across the Czech Republic for individuals, companies and cities to try to move motorlessly and sustainably, at least for May. AGAINST established customs, together we create the cities in which we want to live!


The Milata Central Car Wrecker in Dobrá is a certified operator of ecological disposal of car wrecks with a highly set priority of responsible recycling of waste from end-of-life vehicles. Milata s. R. O. Operates one of the most modern facilities for processing car wrecks in the Czech Republic. Real ecological disposal of cars – this is Milata.

Thanks for collecting car belts, from which design pieces are created in NAVZDORY.

Our job

Get inspired by our work. See what we can create from your materials. Write, call, come … We will be happy to come up with something for you.

Opening of the reuse center and our workshops with a demonstration of sustainable cooking

Red Button events and our ECO catering

Drink menu from vinyl records and car sail ORANGE BAR 

Case from banner SUEZ

Set of products from fire hose and banner E.ON

Banner E.ON a hasičská hadice

Products from cycling tube MOJEKOLO

Printing workshop through old linoleum

Sustainable gift sets for MSK

Gift set with design bowl from Pilsner Urquell beer bottle

Kazové pivní lahve Pilsner

Artistic robot from electrical waste VŠB



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